SpaceCowboyStudio was created in 2016 by Simon Dujardin. Passionated about videos since a sailing across the Atlantic ocean from Marseille to Rio in 2012, he worked hard to become a professional video producer, appreciating as much shooting than editing videos and always enthusiast of learning new things. Based in Belgium, close to Brussels, SpaceCowboyStudio is a small but very efficient video production structure that likes to deal with a lot of different kind of videos : timelapse photography, drones (Simon has the professional pilot licence), interviews, livestreaming, corporate, politics, extreme sports, documentary,… Depending on the project, SpaceCowboyStudio is also surrounded by a solid network of reliable professionals to be able to reach every goal, whatever its size and ambition…


It was fascinating to work with Simon. He proved to be professional, efficient and creative. He is also able to transmit you the passion about his work which is really an extra treat.

Le talent, c’est quand on croit qu’une vidéo de grande qualité, c’est facile à faire… Je n’ai que des éloges sur ton travail, Simon : tu vois clair, tu comprends très vite le message et le style que j’ai eu envie de faire passer. Tu l’habilles avec ton oeil d’expert, avec une rapidité d’exécution impressionnante. Un vrai pro. Comme tu as eu raison de vouloir faire de ta passion ton métier, merci !




  • Video

  • Livestreaming

  • Time Lapses

  • Edition

  • Drone

  • Web Design

  • Podcast

  • Documentary


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